Semi-Permanent Tormas

Mahakala "Shonpa Nadak" Torma made with long-lasting oat dough

Sometimes, it’s nice to keep perishable offering tormas on the shrine for a long period of time, such as the duration of a practice, in which case it’s good to use natural, edible ingredients that will last for weeks or months. Here is a recipe for a long-lasting torma dough:


This recipe is for tormas you want to stay nicely for months.

1 stick butter

1 quart quick oats

1 cup very warm water (not boiling)

First partially melt the butter in the microwave. It should be very soft but not liquefied. Mix with the oats. Knead very, very well. Add water, a little at a time, and continue kneading until the dough holds together well. Shape torma quickly; this dough must be shaped right away–no freezing the dough or refrigerating for later.

Paint torma with red color or leave white. Brush torma with a coating of melted butter, preferably clarified. (At this point, the torma can be frozen for future use).

The finished torma should last a few months on the shrine in non-humid weather.

Tara torma made out of oats.
Tara torma made of long-lasting oat dough with beeswax/butter gyens.
Torma made with long-lasting oat dough

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