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A Mother’s Love–Swayambhu

Here is a clip from our trip to Nepal last February. Filmed by Ko Jung-Fa and edited by Cynthia Chao

Tormas and Lama Dances at Benchen Monastery in February, 2010

The large, triangular, red torma (l) and the black “activity aspect of the protector” torma (r) were placed beside each other in the shrine room for the duration of the Mahakala pujas. Once the dances started, they were brought outside separately on consecutive days….

What is a torma?

Tor literally means to “scatter” or “throw” a small number of things or pieces.  The suffix ma means “mother” and implies compassion. A torma is an offering traditionally tossed outside after use in a ritual, both to symbolize impermanence and to develop the practice of…

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