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The Amitabha Jangchok Tormas and Ritual (video)

The three gektors indicate peaceful means, the three changbus, wrathful means, and the three butterlamps are extremely wrathful means.  All of the negativities of the deceased will be burned in the form of the scorpion made of black sesame seeds. Below is a video clip… Continue Reading “The Amitabha Jangchok Tormas and Ritual (video)”

Amitabha Jangchok Puja and the Importance of Choosing a Proper Burial Site

In a couple of weeks, from May 15-17, the annual Amitabha Retreat will take place at Day Den Shing, the Columbarium at Karme Ling Retreat Center in upstate New York. On the third day, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche will perform the Jangchok, a special ceremony… Continue Reading “Amitabha Jangchok Puja and the Importance of Choosing a Proper Burial Site”

Permanent tormas in the Columbarium

The term permanent torma refers to tormas left on the shrine for an extended period. Usually these are made out of precious metals, wood, clay or synthetic materials. As an example I’ve posted a few photos of the tormas in the Columbarium at Karme Ling Retreat Center. These… Continue Reading “Permanent tormas in the Columbarium”

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