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Torma: Ritual Offerings | Mandala Collections

The following article by Karma Phuntsho is from the Mandala Collections website hosted by the University of Virginia, and is an excellent overview and explanation of tormas. Karma Phuntsho is the President of the Loden Foundation and the author of many books and articles including The History… Continue Reading “Torma: Ritual Offerings | Mandala Collections”

The Ephemeral Butter Art of Tibetan Buddhism – Gastro Obscura

IN MANY CULTURES, SCULPTED BUTTER is an artistic medium, whether as a banquet-hall spectacle or an exhibit at the county fair. But for Tibetan Buddhist monks and laity, artistic butter designs, known as torma or tsepdro, take on a spiritual role.Traditionally made using yak… Continue Reading “The Ephemeral Butter Art of Tibetan Buddhism – Gastro Obscura”

The Outstanding Art of Tibetan Butter Sculpture

This article was written for the online magazine: LEVEKUNST art of life, a lovely new site created by Erik Pema Kunsang and his wife, Tara Trinley Wangmo. By Yeshe Wangmo; Photos © Filip Wolak. Many ritual practices in Tibetan Buddhism require the use of sacred offerings called torma. In Tibet, these… Continue Reading “The Outstanding Art of Tibetan Butter Sculpture”

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