Produced under the guidance of: 
The 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Producer: Robert Bryant

Producer: Jacek Rosa

Creative Producer: Yeshe Wangmo

Co-Producer: Michele Martin
Associate Producer: Jason Petersen
Assistant Producer: Ani Drolkar

Cinematographers: Ko Jung-Fa & Cynthia Chao

Editor: Georg Peter Mueller

Editor: Peter Elias

Graphic Designer: Louise Light
Photographers: Filip Wolak, Ko Jung-Fa, Cynthia Chao

Scriptwriter: Yeshe Wangmo

Script Consultants: Georg Peter Muller, Michelle Martin, Naomi Levine, Peter Alan Roberts

Translators: Karma David Choephel, Michele Martin, Sherab Drime (Thomas Roth), Mr. Gonpo Tsering, Pi-Chun Chen, Lama Karma Drodul

Pre-Production Assistant Producers: Margaret Jeun
& Karma Yeshey Bhutia
Pre-Production Advisor: Niko von Glasow


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