Karme Ling Retreat, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is sponsoring this project and all donations are tax-deductible.*

WE WOULD LIKE THANK THE FOLLOWING GENEROUS SUPPORTERS: The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, Cynthia Chao, Iris Ma, Ani Drolkar, Dr. T. N. Chan, Amy Chang, Toni Nixon, Colleen Reed, Susan McClure, Roger Edwards, Grace Law, Chien Hui Lu, Chao Wen Wang, Paola Cohen, Minna Stenroos, Virginia Cambour, Dave Gould, Margaret Richardsokn, Lai Har, Wenda Lee, Ginette Leger, Selena and Bill Scheffer, Marianne Kelleher, Kurt Wong, Ramon Rodriguez Perez, Sheena Shii, Joseph Chow, Su-Chiao Lee, Mary Peng, Nina Wedde, Mohini N. Mayers, Colin Siu, Mary Durell, Dauguet Patrick, Claudia Hofmaier, Chia-Feng Wang, Jay Lee, Wei Zhang, Jinhua Li, Katherine Munro, Rochelle Weithorn, B. Scotia MacKay, Bruce & Timaree Dodds, Gilbert Seldes, Chao Wen Wang, Therese Ember, Seo Aik Chong, Si Tam Nham, Dolma Jeffrey, Linda Sky Emerson, Kathryn Lim, Karma Dolma, Lydia Leung, Brian Chen, Jonathan Elwell, Claude Marie Bonniot, Veronique Georges, Chong Ping Soon, Amy McCracken, and Robert Kleijin. *All Sponsors will be acknowledged on this website, in the credits, and at the film’s opening. 


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